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About Us

Sanjeevani Ayurveda Centre
Sanjeevani Ayurveda Centre

"Sanjeevani" is a Sanskrit word which means “Immortal”, “the infinite life” or “life giving”. It is a magical herb which can even revive a dead person. In our running life, Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy act as Sanjeevani by providing effective & permanent cure for acute and chronic diseases. It also helps to detoxify all impurities from body to stay people Healthy.

Sanjeevani Ayurveda is one of the leading providers of traditional Kerala Ayurveda &Panchakarma treatments in South West Delhi. It is located in the heart of Dwarka, in the Central Market of Sector 6. We have the Best Ayurvedic Doctors in Dwarka, Delhi. 

Sanjeevani Ayurveda is a full-fledged day care treatment Centre with amenities of expert Ayurveda doctors, experienced and dedicated Panchakarma Therapists & Ayurveda pharmacy.

It is well housed with 3 proper consultation rooms and 4 finely designed therapy rooms. The interiors and decor in the rooms have a simple elegance about it.

We have well trained, experienced, skillful and caring male and female Therapists for Panchakarma treatments along with a very courteous and amiable staff.

We have more than 1500 best selected Ayurveda Medicines and oils manufactured by leading and trusted Ayurveda Pharmacies of Kerala & other parts of India.

We have a highly qualified and experienced team of Ayurvedic Doctors in Dwarka for consultation. Our doctors are master in Judging your Prakruti (Body Type) and to calculate the effect of Ritu (Season), Dosha, Vikriti (Disease) and then to plan the best available treatment, daily regime and diet for you.


Our Founder and The Chief Physician:


Dr. C. P. Verma

M. D. (Panchkarma), B.A.M.S., D.N.H.E., C.R.A.V.

Dr. C. P. Verma is an expert in the field of Ayurveda and has experience of over 15 years in this field.

He graduated in Ayurveda (B.A.M.S.) from C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur U.P

He did Post graduation, M.D. in Panchkarma from R.G.U.H.S., Bangalore, Karnataka.

He did D.N.H.E. (Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education).

He did Post Graduate Diploma (C.R.A.V.) in Kerala Specialty treatment and Panchkarma, under guidance of Vaidya Guru AshtavaidyanPadmashree E T Narayanan Mooss from Thrissur, (Kerala), Under Guru ShishyaParampara of RashtriyaAyurvedVidyapeeth, under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India.

He also got the opportunity to learnPanchkarma under the guidance of Vaidya Guru Dr. P.T. Joshi, from Dhule, Maharashtra.

He worked as Deputy Medical Superintendent & Assistant Professor (Panchkarma) for more than two years in D.A.S. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, F.Bad.

Effectively managed various diseases by Ayurveda &Panchkarma Treatment like Spine, Bone & Joint Disorders, Skin disorders, Digestive disorders, Gynecological disorders, Renal Calculi, Sexual Problems, Stress & Lifestyle related problems

He was awarded as “Excellence in Ayurveda” in Doctor Achiever’s Award 2019, by Medical Welfare Association

He is a Guest Faculty in Indian Aviation Academy, VasantKunj,New Delhi.

Our Vision:


We are committed for providing traditional Kerala Ayurveda to the community in a systematic way of patients care at affordable cost and comforts. We are dedicated to cultivate and create a healthy life style through our Ayurvedic treatments &Panchakarma Therapies which enlighten the wellbeing of mankind to lead a healthy and happy life both physically and mentally.

Our Mission:


Sanjeevani Ayurveda was founded with the mission of “Taking Ayurveda to every person”. Patient care & cure with excellence, precision & perfection is our ultimate objective. It aims at providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments to benefit the masses and wish- “LokaSamasthaSukhinoBhavantu”.

  • Provide highest quality and services for all people
  • Adhering to professional and scientific integrity.